When would someone use
a dissertation coach?

The dissertation process can be a maze—it is easy to get lost or stuck. Having worked with many Master’s and Doctoral students, we’ve heard just how difficult it can be. That’s why we created a dissertation coaching services that will help you get back on track. Our dissertation coaches have all been through a similar process, so they can empathize with how you feel. Having successfully completed thesis and dissertation requirements, they have a host of tips and tricks to help you succeed as well.

Contact us today if you feel like:

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If you are receiving inadequate support from your dissertation chair or committee

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If you feel stuck and don’t know how to progress on your dissertation

Inkblot Academy Dissertation Help Dissertation Requirements Dissertation Expectations.png

If you are having a hard time navigating dissertation requirements and expectations

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Any other reason preventing you from completing your dissertation in a timely manner


Why chose us to consult with? 

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We have experience with dissertation requirements from many schools

Our dissertation consultants have worked with thesis and dissertation candidates from Capella University, Walden University, Argosy University, University of Phoenix, Grand Canyon University, Strayer University, among many others. This allows us to know exactly what you need to complete your dissertation.

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We’ve worked with students from a variety of disciplines

Most of our students are getting their degree in psychology, sociology, anthropology, education, business, marketing, or economics. But we’ve helped a number of students in many more disciplines than those. Sign up for a free 30-minute consultation below and we’ll find a consultant who’s a perfect fit for your discipline and degree.

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We can help you through each step of the dissertation process

Inkblot Academy has helped students starting from their dissertation prospectus and proposal all the way through their dissertation defense. So regardless of whether you need help in a specific stage or if you just need help overall, we can craft a personalized service tailored to meet your exact need.

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Fast, easy, and confidential

Why do your dissertation in 7 years when you could finish it in 2-3 years? Inkblot Academy works around the clock on fast timelines so that you can finish your dissertation as soon as you want. Even though we work fast, we still produce a quality output, ensuring your 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.  


How Would You Like Us To Help?

At Inkblot Academy, we help in all stages of the dissertation process. This includes everything from your dissertation conceptualization all the way through your dissertation defense. No matter where you are in your dissertation process, contact us now so we can help!


Ready to work with a dedicated dissertation consultant?

We are here to help you. That is why we are happy to set up a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs. By entering your name, email, and a brief description of the help you need with your dissertation, we’ll connect you with a dissertation consultant within 24-hours. After your free consultation, we will propose a plan, provide a quote, and let you decide if you’d like to proceed—no hassle, no pressure, no problem.

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